Leverage the power of crowdsourcing to save 60-80% on storage costs, offer same-day fulfillment and pickup returns to your customers.

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1.Download the app with one click, input your products SKU and let us pick up your inventory for you.

2.Once picked up, we prepare and dispatch your inventory accross our network of partners in the city, "in the cloud".

3.Whenever you receive an order from your shopify store we automatically notify our closest partner.

4.The order is then shipped to your customer within hours

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Else is the only 3PL to offer 20$ flat-rate storage to its customers, we can do so because we don't own any physical warehouse, so what will you do with all the money saved?

Our network of partners and courrier services are in the heart of all major Canadian cities. We're the only Warehouse able to guarantee same-day shipping, always.

Where shipping usually costs between 10$ and 30$ to merchants, Else fulfills all your orders at no costs.
Not just fast but also free! your customers are going to look forward to every purchase with your store.

Not having a clear and easy return policy deters a lot of potential customers, so we made it as easy as possible, your customer won't have anything to do but schedule a pick-up and wait for us.

We know how important it is to have a good customer service when it comes to inventory management, that is why we offer you 24/7 assistance and attribute a dedicated account manager to every merchant, who knows your business's needs and can provide a tailored support.

We can't stress enough how seriously we take our impact on the environment, we take active steps like recycling and reusing of cardboards to decrease Else's already low ecological footprint. Join us and make your store greener!

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